Transform Any Student's Mobile Device
From Distraction to Learning Tool

Guide Your Child's Exploration

NetRef gives you the ability to block all pornography, violence, gambling, obscenity, viruses, scams and other dangerous web and app content.

Easy To Use

Within minutes, parents and instructors are able to set boundaries and monitor activity through an intuitive browser-based console.


An Overview


Net Ref being Used


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Peace of Mind on Any Device

In School

Schools leverage NetRef to create optimal learning environments.

NetRef enables teachers and administrators to manage students’ Internet activity. Teachers can allow or block web browsing, certain sites, apps, texting, instant messaging, social media, and games at any time, with just a few clicks. And NetRef is easy for schools to use, whether students bring their own devices to class, or schools provision tablets, laptops, or a computer lab.

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At Home

Parents depend on NetRef to keep their kids safe online.

At Home and in school, NetRef protects your children from exposure to inappropriate content and activities that can get them into trouble. Your child's curiosity is a normal part of growing up but can have lasting repercussions if left unsupervised. Don't leave it to chance; rely on NetRef to help safely guide your child's Internet use.

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What Sets Us Apart

Continuous Protection

In School, At Home. On-the-Go....

User Friendly

No setup required, works immediately without any technical experience.


Block or allow websites, apps and content categories on any device.

Available on all platforms!

iOS android

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