Minimize Internet Distractions

NetRef Creates School Internet Boundaries

For Teachers

Turn a potential distraction into a powerful learning tool that keeps students on task.

NetRef’s simple one-click controls enable teachers to monitor and manage student and classroom Internet activity in real-time on any school- or student-owned device. No downloads or IT needed. Use NetRef as an Internet filter to allow, block or whitelist web browsing, apps, texting, instant messaging, social media, and games.

For IT and Administrators

Simplify Internet management in BYOD and 1:1 schools, and ensure that online learning contributes to positive, productive learning environments.

NetRef’s district- and school-wide Internet reporting allows IT staff to monitor and reduce spending on apps and programs that aren’t being used. Administrators can use reports to share with parents how online programs support learning and to gather insight into Internet use for budgeting and instruction. All of this can be done with no downloads on student devices.

Get NetRef for Your School

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Internet Management Made Easy

Simple Integration and Implementation

NetRef integrates seamlessly into your current technology infrastructure, and its network-based approach requires no downloads or installation on devices. NetRef offers classroom Internet management without affecting school- or district-wide Internet use. Use it to reduce technology distractions and enforce School Internet and Usage Policies.

Powerful Student Device Management

Use NetRef to guide students’ learning. The software acts as a real-time Internet monitor, allowing teachers to manage individual student and classroom Internet use while also providing insightful usage reports to IT and administrators. NetRef is BYOD and 1:1 compatible, and it works on all student- or school-owned devices including iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, tablets, desktop computers, and smartphones.

What Sets Us Apart

BYOD and 1:1 Simplified

Quick installation, no device downloads required; compatible with any device.

User Friendly

Easy and intuitive one-click controls empower teachers and reduce over reliance on IT.

Enhanced Data

School-wide reports provide insight on Internet usage for budgeting and instructional improvement.

Available on All Platforms

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Supports iPads, Chromebooks, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops & Cell Phones

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